‪#‎Feedback‬ • “At the beginning of the Tropics Media Group, We’re grateful and proud of Suzan Mutesi.”

‪#‎Feedback‬ • “At the beginning of the Tropics Media Group, we were so curious to see what God’s plan was for us… Then we started a collaboration with Suzan Mutesi, an outstanding (Ugandan/Australian) Fashion Entrepreneur who welcomed us on board as her Publicist… Months passed by and this young woman accomplished so much in a very short space of time and even launched her own foundation ( Heart of Gold Africa Foundation ) for the African children and women. Few days ago, we rejoiced after reading the announcement that she’d won another award and we have now even lost count of how many awards she has won since we began working together and cherishing her vision…

This is what she had to share after the award ceremony: “As a young girl I played with fiber dolls and made my dolls’ dresses. I look back and see how far I have come and grown as a Designer now dressing celebrities and clients, sharing my inspiration and stories in my art pieces. I thank God for he knew the plans he always had for me. I encourage you to never give up on your dreams, be true to yourself and believe in you as you will be surprised with how much you can achieve.”

Now, this is how we say goodbye to 2014 with a huge smile on our face. Our clients’ success is our company’s and thanks to God for being the best mentor in the world. We’re grateful and proud of Suzan Mutesi.”

Vénicia Guinot, Founder/CEO @ Tropics Media Group.